Acerenza (PZ) Basilicata

Acerenza is a small town in Basilicata with a very old history that sits on a hilltop offering magnificent views. Its architectural symbol is the Cathedral dating back to the 11th century, which is breathtaking with its Romanesque style and gothic influences and its crypt rich in precious paintings (those depicting the Apostles, the Doctors of the Church and Founders of the Orders are particularly magnificent); it also houses valuable 16th-century altars and beautiful frescoes. It was here in Acerenza that the bronze statue used to worship Hercules Acheruntino was discovered, one of the most valuable testimonies to the god of war, which is today on display in the National Archaeological Museum of Basilicata. But here history is also brought to life in the town’s many events: not to be missed is the “Dai Longobardi ai Normanni, storia di una Cattedrale" event (From the Lombards to the Normans, the history behind a Cathedral”), which focuses on the events that led to the construction of the Cathedral during the transition from Lombard rule to the reign of the Normans.


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