Aci Castello

Aci Castello (CT) Sicilia

Sea stacks, the waterfront, the island of Lachea: at a glance you can see why Aci Castello is a town that loves the sea. The town was the setting for Realist writer Giovanni Verga's 1881 novel I Malavoglia, and indeed some things haven't changed since it was written. The town is still closely linked to the sea, the lives of fishermen and their old routines, which continue unchanged. Don't miss the Byzantine castle, which perches on a rock near the sea, and the Nespolo House Museum, dedicated to Verga's novel. To really understand the importance of the sea to Aci Castello, come for the traditional sea-fishing festival U pisci a mari. Each year, during the commemoration of the patron saint, John the Baptist, this ancient local rite celebrates the tradition of fishing for swordfish in Messina Strait, recreating an archaic, moving atmosphere.


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