Acquasparta (TR) Umbria

A little town with ancient origins, set within an utterly charming landscape, nestled between the springs of Amerino and Furapane, Acquasparta actually takes its name from its location, "between the waters". The greenery of the hills and forests will be central to any visit to the village. The land here is filled with prepared nature trails and itineraries that lead travelers to discover this luxuriant, old and almost wild place. Then we get to the historic center of Acquasparta, where the most symbolic building is Palazzo Cesi, an example of renaissance architecture that was the base of the prestigious Lincean Academy, home to Duke Federico Cesi and which, in 1624, hosted Galileo Galilei. You can admire several frescoed rooms by Zuccari inside and carved coffered ceilings. That is not to mention the little churches and their precious artistic and cultural gems, the traditional flavors and real hospitality. One thing is for sure, Acquasparta is a welcoming village, a village that has to be experienced.


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