Acquaviva delle Fonti

Acquaviva delle Fonti (BA) Puglia

This small village is located on top of a small hill of the plateau of the Murge, in the Province of Bari. Its name, meaning “spring waters”, is due to an aquifer running underground and it evokes the spirit of the village, its essence and its connection to nature. At the heart of the village there is the cathedral, one of the four Palatine Basilicas in Apulia, which is located on the same square as Palazzo De Mari, an ancient fortified palace now the seat of the town hall. Out of the village nature is the sole protagonist, with the fascinating caves Grotta Curtomartino, where, amidst rare plants and beautiful orchids, ancient stalagmites and stalactites tell the story of this ancient region, with its strong and silent soul.


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