Acquaviva Picena

Acquaviva Picena (AP) Marche

Acquaviva Picena lies in the hinterland of San Benedetto del Tronto, on a hilltop from which you can admire the rolling Marchesian hills all the way to the Appennine Mountains. Visitors passing through the town will be taken aback by its architecture: first of all the fortress, a Renaissance masterpiece, followed by, in the old town, the Church of San Nicolò, Casa Rossi Panelli, and the Municipal Tower. But there’s a distinctive feature of this town which is also one of its traditions: the production of straw baskets, made using ancient techniques handed down through the generations. Find out all about this fascinating craft at the Pajarola Museum, which houses baskets, cooking utensils, dolls woven from straw, wickerwork, and other items crafted from natural materials.


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