Agliè (TO) Piemonte

There are places that know how to combine the charm of their architecture with their great histories, made up of both major and small events, and Agliè is one of them. With its history recounted in the works of Filippo d’Agliè and Guido Gozzano, the village is home to a distinctly recognizable landmark: its castle, Castello Ducale. This building, which is part of a group of castles dispersed around the Canavese area, dates back to the twelfth century, and over the course of its history has been a summer residence of the Savoy family. Looking at it, you immediately notice its precious monumental façade, with two sets of stairs leading up to its entrance, and the wonderful Italian and English gardens that surround it, as well as its park, which is adorned by a beautiful fountain designed by the Collino brothers. Here's an interesting piece of information about the village: There used to be an Olivetti factory located in one of its districts, and that factory made the very well-known "Lettera 22" typewriter.


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