Agnone (IS) Molise

The town of Agnone is known for its historical ties to the millenarian tradition of bell making, for it was here that Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli (Marinelli Pontifical Foundry), the oldest known bell foundry, was established. The town’s medieval origins can still be seen in the architecture and artistic details found in the town center. Some examples of the fine treasures to be found in Agnone are the Churches of San Marco, Sant'Antonio Abate, San Francesco and Sant’Emidio. Among the non-religious buildings also worth visiting are Casa Nuonno with its goldsmiths’ workshop, Casa Apollonio and Palazzo Fioriti. Another must-see, and a good way to immerse oneself in the local customs, is the ancient Christmas Eve festival known as the ‘Ndocciata: an awe-inspiring and exciting parade of “‘ndocce” (torches) transported by a procession of carriers dressed in traditional costume; an event that visitors to Agnone are sure to remember for a long time.


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