Aidomaggiore (OR) Sardegna

The village of Aidomaggiore lies on a gentle rise, surrounded by woods and shielded from the swift winds which send clouds scudding across the sky. Its great age is shown by the nuraghi dotted around the local area, while more recent history weaves together craftsmanship and tradition. Here, the art of weaving reigns supreme and our skilled artisans have been creating beautifully designed rugs, blankets and tapestries for centuries. Every year, the so-called ‘su carrasegare’ Carnival transforms the village, with the atmosphere once again swept up by ancient customs. Maschera a Lenzolu masks flock through the streets and Mardi Gras sees everything colored in black, as a sign of mourning for the end of the Carnival, but also for the fate of the straw puppet Re Zorzi who, after an entire day travelling through the village streets, is carried in a procession and then cast into the flames: this rite of passage marks the end of winter and the start of spring.


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