Aielli (AQ) Abruzzo

The town of Aielli, whose surroundings form part of the Regional Park of Velino-Sirente, is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Built on a limestone outcrop, it is flanked by two rivers: its position, easily defensible against enemy attacks, has for centuries been the ideal place from which to defend and watch over the surrounding area. The town itself is rich in art and history, most notably the imposing medieval tower which dates back to the 1300s. Named Torre delle Stelle (Tower of the Stars), it is today an important astronomical observatory, open to the public, which also incorporates the Museo del Cielo (Museum of the Night Sky) and a scientific library. To finish in style, the local cuisine is worth a mention. Aielli’s local products reflect the strong traditional flavors of the Abruzzo region: wine, sausages, oils, cheeses and desserts all tell of the strong bond between the local community and the land.


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