Alagna Valsesia

Alagna Valsesia (VC) Piemonte

Alagna is the last town in the Valsesia Valley, located at the foot of the southern side of the Monte Rosa massif. Over time, its landscapes have made it the perfect destination for anyone who loves snow, winter sports and mountain-based summer sports. It is possible to ski here – especially off-piste – as well as to go hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering. A unique cultural aspect of the town is the continued presence of the old Walser traditions. The Walser were a German-speaking population from Switzerland, whose houses can be seen in the upper part of the town. Not to be missed is the Walser Museum in the Pedemonte district. It is a typical Walser house, where the arrangement of the furniture, the setting, the objects, and the work tools all contribute to telling the history and the culture of this ancient community.


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