Albori, Vietri sul Mare (SA) Campania

Upon arriving in Vietri you immediately perceive the unique atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast, which pervades everything here. The heart of Vietri is Albori, a tiny district of immense charm. A village protected by the mountains, but with fishing at its heart, as conveyed by the brightly colored houses so that they could be seen from afar by the ships returning from long voyages. The shimmering deep-blue sea is truly enchanting here between the rocks. Arriving in Albori produces the impression of having gone on a very long journey, reaching a place far removed from noise and chaos. The pace of life here is the slow pace of the past. In the evening people still meet to chat, perhaps by the sea, waiting to watch the last boats come in as the sun descends behind the horizon and everything is colored by its warm, golden light.


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