Alghero (SS) Sardegna

Alghero is an ancient harbor town whose prehistoric origins can clearly be seen in the archaeological complexes of Palmavera and Sant’Imbenia, the domus de janas of Santu Pedru and Anghelu Ruju, whose name refers to the red ochre rocks used in ancient times for rituals associated with blood and rebirth. Alghero is also, and most especially, a place with strong links to the sea. The area of Alghero where traces of Catalan rule can still can be seen includes the marine protected area of Capo Caccia – Isola Piana, where hundreds of immensely valuable treasures are safeguarded, including the spectacular Neptune’s Caves with its many stalactite and stalagmite formations. With its enchanting sea, stunning caves and the highly interesting Museum of Coral focused on the history, economy and biology of the “red gold” found in the sea, Alghero’s nautical spirit defines the town and punctuates all aspects of daily life, in a dance that is as perpetual as the movement of the waves.


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