Aliano (MT) Basilicata

Although they are the product of erosion, the calanques are a spectacular sight that literally take your breath away: the landscape that has grown up around them is rugged, varied and impressive. Aliano sits in the heart of the Lucanian calanques, surrounded by this restless beauty that defines it and has shaped its identity over time. But its distinctiveness lies in the town itself, and visitors will see this straight away, as it is impossible not to notice the many “houses with eyes” looking out over the town’s streets: these mysterious dwellings that look like human faces accompany us along our journey, following us with their stone faces. Not to be missed is the town’s Carnival, with its masks that tell the story of the agricultural and pastoral way of life and evoke centuries-old propitiatory rites. Last but not least, this is the town where Carlo Levi spent part of his exile, which he talks about in his book “Christ Stopped at Eboli”.


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