Amatrice (RI) Lazio

In the green heart of Italy, in the magnificent setting of the Laga Mountains, sits the small town of Amatrice. A key part of the town’s fresh start after the terrible earthquake of 2016 was its surrounding landscape. With its lush green forests and high ground reaching from 900 to 2000 meters above sea level, this is the perfect place for anyone who loves practicing sports in the great outdoors: this is an area rich in trails of varying levels of expertise, which can be travelled on foot, some by bicycle, and some on horseback. Here nature is almost unspoiled, and stepping into its beauty gives us a sense of that archaic wellbeing that man has always felt when he comes into contact with the purest essence of a place. Last but not least, the typical flavors of the area, which are unique and a strong part of the town’s identity, are not to be missed. There are cheeses, guanciale, and the famous dish Amatriciana, named after the town.


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