Ancona (AN) Marche

A coastal town, Ancona sits on the ridge formed by the western slopes of Mount Conero: this ridge opens out onto a gulf that is home, at its most inland point, to a natural port. With an identity rooted in the sea, Ancona is known for its beaches, along both high and low stretches of coastline: all the beaches are very different to one another, with their own characteristics and identities, but they all show the close relationship between land and water, the symbolic importance of the boundary represented by the seashore. The old town, on the other hand, is enchanting with its architectural and cultural beauties, like the Cathedral of San Ciriaco, the Church of Santa Maria della Piazza, the Arch of Trajan, as well as the National Archaeological Museum of Marche and the unique Omero Tactile Museum, the only museum in Italy to allow blind visitors to touch 3D reproductions of works of art. Last but not least, not to be missed is the international Adriatic Mediterranean Festival, which draws artists from countries in the Adriatic and Mediterranean basins.


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