Anghiari (AR) Toscana

At the heart of the town of Anghiari is a tale of a lost masterpiece. The town was the setting for the Battle of Anghiari, which Leonardo da Vinci painted to adorn Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. And while the fresco itself has since been lost after become damaged due to drying out, its aura of mystery and legend lives on. Today, Anghiari is a place of culture and beauty, dominating the valley around the northern stretch of the Tiber. It promises a journey back through time in an area packed with castles, medieval bridges and spectacular nature. In order to enjoy the wonderful surroundings to the full, the best thing to do is hop on a bicycle and get pedaling. Don’t miss the Intrepida, a tourist bike ride which takes place every October and allows participants to discover the hidden wonder of the local area.


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