Apecchio (PU) Marche

A town with ancient roots, and the domain for centuries of the Ubaldini counts, Apecchio has a rich historical, cultural and gastronomic identity. Traces of its past can be seen above all in its distinctive architecture: the donkey back bridge which, with just one arch, leads visitors into the town. Also worth visiting is Palazzo Ubaldini, a typical example of Renaissance architecture which today houses not only the town hall, but the Museum of Fossils and Minerals from Mount Nerone, the International Centre for Historical Geocartographical Studies, and the Municipal Theatre/Local Amateur Dramatics Society. Last but not least, not to be missed is the town’s beer: Apecchio is part of the National Association of Beer Cities, and every year in June, the National Festival of Alogastronomy takes place here, the first festival in Italy completely dedicated to beer, with tastings of beers with other local products.


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