Apricale (IM) Liguria

The village of Apricale is located in the tranquil Val Nevia in the heart of the Ligurian countryside. The name Apricale means “exposed to the sun”, a reference to the stunning light which beats down on the slate roofs and warms the stone houses. The local food embodies the area’s identity, with the most typical dishes including brandacujùn fish stew, brussu (goat’s milk that has been curdled, salted and left to age) and sweet treats like pansarole (fritters served with warm zabaglione) and cubaite, made from honey and hazelnuts. Yet Apricale is more than just natural beauty and delicious food. It has always been much loved by artists, who have certainly left their mark on this small – yet brightly colored – village. There are around 50 murals adorning the facades of houses and, in a pleasant surprise, the bell tower features a bicycle pointing to the sky – a contemporary art installation which adds a hit of visual poetry to this enchanting place.


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