Aradeo (LE) Puglia

This small village in the Salento region has a soul carved in stone. The typical Lecce stone adorns some of the most important buildings of the village, such as the Church Santa Maria Annunziata, dating back to the 18th century and built on a pre-exiting church, whose altar caved in the stone is still present. The Column of St. John the Baptist, built in the 17th century, gave a right of asylum to all those, persecuted by law, who grabbed onto to it. This is not the sole legend of Aradeo. The Chapel of San Nicola di Myra is said to have been built by a woman to thank St. Nicholas for saving her from an unjust trial. San Nicola di Myra, patron Saint of the village, is celebrated every yea with the evocative re-enactment of his journey from Myra to Bari on a boat.


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