Arbatax, Tortolì (NU) Sardegna

On central Sardinia’s eastern coast, behind the pond of Tortolì – the main town in the municipality – lies the hamlet of Arbatax, situated on the little peninsula of Cape Bellavista. Arbatax has always been a fishing village and its identity is closely linked to the sea and all its different facets. Although in Medieval times, the sea’s proximity forced the hamlet to take on a defensive role as a lookout post, the sea as livelihood means that Arbatax has always been inhabited by fishermen who still live here today, at one with the sea and its many resources. With its wild and spectacular ‘Rocce Rosse’ and its port – the hamlet’s vital center and place of trade - Arbatax still retains the sense of a seafaring city in which the ancient and powerful sea lies at the heart of everything, including its customs. Nowhere is this more evident than in the feast of the Madonna Stella del Mare, protector of the village, a festival that takes place every July, attracting tourists and pilgrims alike.


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