Archi (CH) Abruzzo

Archi is also known as the "Terrazza sul Sangro" ("Terrace over the Sangro"). The town sits on a rocky outcropping and offers views of the Aventino and Sangro valleys. The combination of its climate, its fertile land and the patience of its inhabitants have enabled the town to become a major center for the production of extra virgin olive oil, so much so that it's on the "Itinerari dell'Olio" (Oil Discovery Trail). Archi is a favorite destination for competitive fishing, as hosted by the region's many lakes, but certainly it has an ancient history. Traces of this can be seen at the archaeological site of Fonte Tasca, a fortified settlement dating back to the Bronze Age, and in the remains of the medieval castle, which stands over the town with its defensive wall and keep. Archi is a genuinely beautiful place to explore.


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