Arma di Taggia

Arma di Taggia, Taggia (IM) Liguria

Arma di Taggia is the maritime heart of Taggia, a rural town built on ancient flavours. Taggia is the home of Taggiasca olives, tiny capsules of intense flavor perfect for accompanying the traditional dishes of the area. But while Taggia’s identity is very much intertwined with agriculture and a food culture linked to the fruits of the land, Arma di Taggia is about sea, sun, fish and the gentle lapping of the waves. The history of the village is intrinsically linked to the sea – its stories, habits and rituals. The coastal area of the gorgeous Arma di Taggia has always been a hub of trade and passage, and nowadays the voices of fishermen fill the air with ancient stories while they weave their nets with the expertise that only time can bring. Arma di Taggia is the perfect place to discover the essence of the sea and let yourself be taken over by the never-ending rhythm of the waves.


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