Arrone (TR) Umbria

Arrone is a place ripe with history, yet the real essence of the village goes beyond the borders of the town to encircle the landscape that surrounds it, to become one with it and weave a tale made of nature and natural resources. The town is divided into two parts: the upper part, called "La Terra" – Earth – has kept the urban layout of the old medieval fortified town, while the outer part, known as Santa Maria, developed outside the historic town center. Must-see sights include the ruins of the Castle, the Church of San Giovanni Battista, the Church of Santa Maria and, outside of the town, the Sanctuary of Madonna dello Scoglio, which stands on an imposing overhanging rock from which you get a stunning view of the whole Valle della Nera. And then we turn back to nature, as if it were a rite, a journey towards the authenticity of a lush, enchanted land. Nera Fluvial Park offers hiking itineraries, the option of doing water sports in the river, workshops and guided tours, taking you on a journey to discover the green heart of Arrone. Following on from the 2016 earthquake, to receive information in real time on the possibility of entering the town and buildings, please contact the Tourist Information Center – the IAT of Terni – tel. +39 0744 423047 info@iat.terni.it


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