Atrani (SA) Campania

At first sight, Atrani resembles a pretty little model village perched on the rocks, with the cliffs behind it, the sea in front, the aromas of Neapolitan cuisine filling the air, and fishermen’s tales. The tightly packed houses line the alleys that lead into the heart of the village, guiding visitors past little squares, arches, and the typical “scalinatelle” (flights of steps). Lovers of art and culture should not miss out on a visit to the church of San Salvatore and the collegiate church of Santa Maria Maddalena. However, the best way to grasp the essence of this enchanting settlement is to stroll through its streets, admiring the beauty of the sea and, in the evening, allowing yourself to be captivated by the timeless spectacle of the fishing lamps that set off to sea from the beach, becoming small lights in the distance, like fireflies resting on the waves, beneath the light of the moon.


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