Atzara (NU) Sardegna

A Medieval town that preserves the original urban fabric of the Catalonian period, Atzara is located in an area rich in forests and farm lands, especially vineyards and orchards. The village offers many beautiful sites, but there is one characteristic that best conveys it: apart from its colors and light that makes every glimpse special, the village is well known for the characteristic women’s headdress, depicted in the most famous works of Sardinian artists of the first half of the twentieth century. The village was host to Spanish costume-painters like Eduard Chicharro and Antonio Ortiz Echagüe, followed by the Sardinians Antonio Ballero, Filippo Figari, Giuseppe Biasi, Mario Delitala, Carmelo Floris and Stanis Dessì. This art is still alive today in the “Antonio Ortiz Echagüe” Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art which houses the works of these great artists.


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