Auditore (PU) Marche

Overlooking the Foglia valley from high up on a rocky mountain, the town of Auditore’s history is clearly visible in its architecture and the way it presents itself. Initially the domain of the Malatesta di Rimini family, it was handed over in the Early Middle Ages to the Ridolfi counts, who rebelled against their lords and were harshly punished as a result; in the 1400s the town was conceded as a fief to the Montefeltro of Urbino family, and the defensive walls built during this Medieval period are still intact to this day. In 1944, part of the town’s territory fell along the Germans’ “Gothic Line”, the defensive front against the advance of the British and American allies: today Casinina is home to the Historical Museum of the Gothic Line, the first and biggest museum of its kind in Central Italy.


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