Austis (NU) Sardegna

The small village of Austis, nestled in the Mandrolisai Mountains and surrounded by granite outcrops, has been sculpted by the passage of time and relentless nature. This ancient village and its surroundings, dating back to the Nuraghic era, is still home to several nuraghe, witnesses of the distant past. There are two rocks, however, which seen for the first time, take the visitors’ breath away: the eagle-shaped rock, located near Sa Conca de Su Cannizzu and one resembling a woman, Sa Crabarissa. And there is a legend to explain these particular shapes, the legend of a young girl from Cabras, hence the term Crabarissa, who fell in love with a shepherd from Austis. They exchanged gifts and promises of marriage, then the shepherd left to graze his animals in distant pastures and never returned. She looked for him and found him married to another woman: on her way back, she remained petrified with grief.


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