Bagnolo del Salento

Bagnolo del Salento (LE) Puglia

Bagnolo del Salento is located in the inland from Otranto. Its past is rooted in ancient history, as shown by the rupestrian Church near Serra di Montevergine and by the menhir statue on the road from the village to Cursi. More recent architecture is to be found in the centre of the village, as for instance the church of St. George Martyr, which hosts precious works of art. The history of Bagnolo is linked with an ancient tradition. Bagnolo used to produce ropes made of marsh straw, collected and beaten with long poles to make it elastic enough to be woven. These ropes were called zuche in the local dialect, and that is way the inhabitants of Bagnolo are still called zucari. The ancient gestures did not disappear and are still present in this name.


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