Banari (SS) Sardegna

In inland Sardinia in the region of Meilogu – an area whose name derives from the Medieval administrative district of Meiulocu, meaning “middle land” - lies the small village of Banari at the foot of a hill called ”Pale idaa”, surrounded by mountains and plateaus of red trachyte. It is this stone that gives the village its characteristic appearance as it has always been used to decorate houses and buildings, including the stunning Palazzo Comunale, built in the early nineteenth century. Outside the village, the mysterious nuraghi and the luxuriant nature reserve “Badde manna” are worthy of a visit, while it is in the village itself that you can discover its art and culture by visiting the Logudoro Meilogu Foundation, an aristocratic mansion also decorated in red trachyte stone which houses the Museum of Contemporary Art, a veritable treasure chest of paintings and sculptures by important Italian artists.


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