Barga (LU) Toscana

Set in the wild beauty of the Garfagnana and imbued by the intense perfume of the forest, Barga is a small town whose ancient history is intrinsically linked to poetry. It was here that Giovanni Pascoli lived, after his home in San Mauro di Romagna was lost following the death of his father. In the peace and quiet of this new hideaway, where he lived with his sister Mariù, Pascoli nurtured his passion for Latin poetry, curating editions of his Myricae collection and composing the Canti di Castelvecchio. The atmosphere of the town seems to be thick with the soul of the poet, as if you could hear him narrating a verse were you to listen hard enough. Interestingly, the facades of many of the palazzos in the town are unique in that they feature small stone sculptures depicting anthropomorphic figures which were once thought to bring fertility. Nowadays, it is traditional to make a wish by placing the index and middle figure of your right hand on the sculptures. According to the legend, one day the wishes will come true…


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