Barolo (CN) Piemonte

Barolo is a mediaeval village whose past can be seen in its thirteenth-century castle, which is now home to the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo (Regional Barolo Wine Cellar) and the Winemaking and Ethnographical Museum. Barolo is one of the eleven municipalities where the Nebbiolo grape variety can be grown, which is used to produce the famous wine from which the town takes its name. Today, this village is considered to be the capital of the "king" of wines: Thanks to the fame that this precious nectar has experienced in Italy and abroad, many events are organized here in its honor, so that people can discover its history and experience its unique flavor. Perhaps most essential is the "Festa del vino Barolo (Barolo Wine Festival)," which takes place on the second Sunday of September. This event has captured the attention of international visitors.


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