Bene Vagienna

Bene Vagienna (CN) Piemonte

Both ancient and modern history can be found across Bene Vagienna, commonly known as Bene. Its territory safeguards the traces of its past, ranging from Roman Times to more recent centuries. The area is home to a famous archaeological site, which dates back to when it was ruled over by the Romans. Today, only a part of it has been explored, however it includes a temple, a thermal spa, and an amphitheater, all of which are protected by a Special Natural Reserve. The stories of the Middle Ages, however, are told to us through its castle and the fortifications that surround it. In the center of the village, on the other hand, traces of its more modern history can be found, especially among the buildings with Baroque façades, built during the 17th and 18th centuries. A trip to Bene is a journey through history, an artistic and cultural adventure back in time.


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