Bettona (PG) Umbria

Bettona is a small village with an ancient center that is found on the top of a hill and surrounded by the stunning, lush landscape of Umbria. When you enter the town, you are immediately enveloped by a medieval atmosphere, which jumps out at you from the imposing town walls that encircle the entire village. These walls, build in the Middle Ages, include older, Etruscan walls and give the impression that you are passing through a safe place, designed to withstand enemy attacks. In the center, the 13th century Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which was converted during the 17th century, is a must see, as is the Palazzo del Podestà, which today houses the City Museum. Bettona is not only a historic village, but one filled with art. In fact, its art gallery holds extremely valuable works of art, such as the "Saint Anthony of Padua" and the "Madonna della Misericordia with Saints" by Pietro Vannucci, known as Perugino. And all around it lies the timeless beauty of the hills, the greenery of the forests and the clear blue of the sky.


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