Bevagna (PG) Umbria

Umbria is a magical place that should be experienced slowly so that you can savor every single detail, immersing yourself in the enchanting, lush and intense greenery of the landscape. One of the many cycle trails in the area leaves from Assisi and leads to Bevagna, a small medieval town that has conserved the typical characteristics of a historic village over time. It is the walls, with their towers and gates, that tell the story of this place's ancient medieval past, giving visitors the impression that they have traveled back through time, to when this town was a fortress meant to provide protection from external attacks. Going even further back through the centuries, we are fascinated by the ruins of a temple, an ancient Roman remnant, which was later converted into the former Church of the Madonna della Neve. Exploring further, the stunningly beautiful bath building with its flooring that dates to the 2nd century A.D. featuring black and white tiles depicting maritime scenes and the homes in the old town, built in a semi-circle like spectators at an ancient theatre, are must-sees. With all the places of art and culture, it is soon time to set off again, yet Bevagna will be there waiting for us, for the next trip, for us to return so we can feel right at home.


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