Bienno (BS) Lombardia

The ancient village of Biennio nestles in the hills dominated by the Dosso del Cerreto. The town center preserves the original medieval streetscape, with its ancient towers and noble palazzi. Biennio has always been known for its skilled iron-workers, whose mastery takes center stage in the August "Mostra mercato dell'artigianato e dell'antiquariato" (Artisan and Antique Fair and Market). The Fair includes demonstrations of blacksmithing and the sale of fine production. The economy driven by iron-working was what fueled the construction of the splendid buildings that still welcome us today. Biennio boasts fine examples of architecture from the Medieval through to the eighteenth century, enriched by precious contributions from artists such as Girolamo Romanino and Giovanni Da Cemmo, whose frescos adorn the Church of Santa Maria.


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