Birori (NU) Sardegna

Birori is a quaint little village that lies at the foot of the Marghine mountains, in an area that has always been home to human settlements, as evidenced by the many dolmens, tombs of giants and nuraghe surrounding the village creating a continuous interweaving of past and future, a tale of stone and mystery. The oldest part of the town is built around the parish church of Sant'Andrea and a walk to the edge of the village leads to the Arbu and Miuddu nuraghes. But Birori is also a village of flavors. The country's gastronomic traditions will win the hearts of visitors with its simple, intense flavors ... bread soup, broad beans with lard, pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, onion stew, lamb and beef stew, wild fennel soup, stewed snails, lamb with peas, stewed wild boar and then the classic spit-roasted pork and lamb... food with links to the land and its ancient ways, an authentic cuisine.


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