Boccadasse, Genova (GE) Liguria

Boccadasse may be situated a mere stone’s throw from central Genoa, but the neighborhood’s strong identity make this a village in its own right, geographically linked to the big city but imbued with a slow, small-town pace of life. The traditions of the past still play an important influence here, with the sea at the heart of everything. Boccadasse is, after all, a seaside neighborhood, and everywhere you look there is proof of this maritime identity. The white and grey pebbles, the colorful fishermen’s houses, the hustle and bustle of the harbor, the moored boats and the fishing nets themselves, woven and adjusted by patient hands. The influence of the sea has undoubtedly permeated the souls of the inhabitants – these are strong, maritime people, yet they are also gentle, like the waves of the sea itself.


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