Bolotana (NU) Sardegna

The small village of Bolotana is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, rich in biodiversity and enchanting beauty. And while the old town reveals its medieval past through the signs and harmonies of its architecture, through the narrow streets and dwellings that make the town’s layout even more tangled, Bolotana’s most famous attraction is the charming Villa Piercy, nestled in the green countryside outside the town. The building, in Art Nouveau style, was built in the late nineteenth century by an engineer, Benjamin Piercy, who had been entrusted with the Sardinian Railways Project. The villa is lovely, but what makes it special is its garden, which literally leaves you speechless: its proprietor, in fact, often traveled to distant destinations and, on his return, brought home plants from the countries where had been. Planted in the garden of the villa, they have thrived and today, in this lovely green space, you can still see the many exotic species that make it unique.


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