Bolsena (VT) Lazio

On the northern bank of the lake of the same name sits the town of Bolsena. Overlooking this enchanting watery looking glass of volcanic origin, the town’s soul is very much embedded in this element: in the middle of the lake is Bisentina Island, a small island open to visitors which affords magnificent views over the surrounding area. The town’s cuisine is also typical of a lakeside town, and its most famous dish is eel, which is used to prepare a traditional soup. Anguilla alla vernaccia, as the dish is known, was also a favorite of Pope Martin IV, who allegedly used to eat copious amounts of it, so much so that Dante Alighieri mentions this in his Divine Comedy, condemning him to Purgatory, and obviously the terrace of the gluttonous, because he couldn’t give up this sin!


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