Borgo Maggiore

Borgo Maggiore, Garessio (CN) Piemonte

The area around Garessio, a region divided by the natural ridge that separates the Tanaro Valley from the Casotto Valley, is famous for its hot springs and winter sports resort. The hamlet of Borgo Maggiore has preserved its historic roots and is still medieval in appearance. Worth seeing are the imposing parish church (chiesa parrocchiale dell’Assunzione della Beata Vergine Maria), designed by Francesco Gallo, demolished and rebuilt to the original plans in the nineteenth century, and the Chiesa della Confraternita di San Giovanni. Here, every four years, on the evening of Good Friday, the "Mortorio," a sacred play about the death of Christ and the descent from the cross is enacted, an event that has been taking place in its current format since 1750.


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