Borgo Marinari

Borgo Marinari, Napoli (NA) Campania

On the islet of Megaride, behind the famous Castel dell’Ovo, is Borgo Marinari, surrounded entirely by the sea and linked to the city of Naples by a thin artificial isthmus. Once a settlement of Basilian monks, as demonstrated by the church of San Salvatore that still stands today, the village was later fortified and expanded its activities linked to the sea, particularly fishing and, until the 1990s, cigarette smuggling, which has since been completely eradicated. Borgo Marinari is now a place of culture, art, and tourism, and its activities are centered around the little harbor, where bustling life and seafaring tales are interspersed by the lapping of the waves. In addition to the castle, it is worth seeing the elegant buildings, numerous shops, and characteristic boat workshops.


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