Borgo Vicereale

Borgo Vicereale, Pozzuoli (NA) Campania

Pozzuoli has an ancient heart, a historic soul that is reflected in the sea. Its very essence is intertwined with the sea. Its historic center is Borgo Vicereale, which developed around the harbor and extends from the promontory along the coast, as if striving to touch the waves. Behind it is the renowned Rione Terra, which still shows traces of the way the city has evolved over the years. Borgo Vicereale was a very important port during Roman times and a trade center that connected this land with distant places, via long voyages across the oceans. The village, which has recently undergone extensive regeneration work, is centered around Piazza della Repubblica, an elegant square lined with beautiful historic buildings. Opposite, and all around, is the sea, which has ancient and highly evocative tales to tell.


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