Borore (NU) Sardegna

Borore, a village at the foot of the Marghine mountain range, is located in a territory inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the many nuraghes, tombs of the giants, Domus de Janas (chamber tombs), dolmens and menhirs in its surroundings. It is a village of history, but also a village of traditions. The bread, in particular, is the focus of the cultural narrative, for which there is also a museum, created to tell about the traditions linked to this simple, yet essential food. Throughout our country, but even more so in Sardinia, bread has an honored place in ceremonies, holidays, and in times of celebration and ritual. In addition to the tools that have been used over time for the cultivation and processing of wheat, the Museum has more than 300 examples of bread: from the everyday to those typical of the holidays and those associated with traditional events of the year and people's lives. A priceless treasure to know and cherish.


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