Bortigali (NU) Sardegna

A village of history and traditions, Bortigali is an ancient town at the foot of the Marghine mountain range. This area is dotted with traces of the peoples who first lived in these places and left precious remnants of their presence, such as Domus de Janas (the mysterious "fairy houses"), dolmens and tombs of the giants, especially in the vicinity of Monte Santu Padre. Standing out amongst these is the Orolo Nuraghe, one of the best preserved in the whole area, consisting of a main tower to which have been added to the front, a bastion with two towers. In Bortigali, moreover, there is one of the few existing water mills still functioning in our country. History is found here in the architecture, traditions and ... audio frequencies! Bortigali, in fact, became famous in the forties after the first free Italian radio, Radio Sardinia, was founded here. It was initially broadcast from a truck and then from a cave: Radio Sardinia was the first station which gave the news of the German surrender and later became the regional Sardinian station.


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