Bosa (OR) Sardegna

Bosa is a town with a double soul, of both land and water. Inhabited since Phoenician times, this area has always been prized for its location, by both the sea and the Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia. This town is a center of excellence for so many things: exporting coral, weaving, the production of olive oil and wine, especially Malvasia. But Bosa is also a seaside settlement. Nearby lie Bosa Marina, with its splendid sea and, facing the beach, the Torre del Porto at Isola Rossa, built in the Aragonese style centuries ago as a defense against the Saracens attacking the coast. Lastly, our traditions are also permeated by the sea. The first Sunday of August sees the festival of Santa Maria del Mare, with the statue of the Madonna carried by a fleet of boats from Bosa Marina to Bosa, right up to the cathedral. All these customs smack of the sea, our traditions and culture, echoing through time and telling the story of the soul of our people.


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