Brugnato (SP) Liguria

Located in the heart of Liguria, between the Apennine mountains and the sea, Brugnato is a tiny gem surrounded by green. The landscape is lush and resplendent, its scent a heady mix of forest and sea. Brugnato is part of the Montemarcello-Magra nature park, an oasis of natural beauty where you can feast your eyes on the green trees and the deep blue sky. Yet the natural landscape is not the only thing Brugnato is famous for – it’s also a place of great spirituality. The town’s pastel-colored houses are interspersed with places of faith and worship built over the course of the centuries. The cathedral, shrines and ancient monasteries preserve hundreds of years of history, with the sense of spirituality palpably intense. To round off your visit to the town, be sure to sample some of its local delicacies, which include chestnut-based dishes and sweet canestrelli biscuits.


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