Buonconvento (SI) Toscana

Buonconvento’s history is intrinsically linked to the land, culture and… heresy. Its clay-rich earth has earned it a reputation as “the village of terracotta, bricks and the Crete Senesi”, yet nature and spirituality are important influences here too: pilgrims once passed through on their way down Via Francigena, while forests of intense green and fertile, generous countryside abounds. The village itself, which was once surrounded by imposing walls built in the 1300s, is full of charming nooks and crannies, not least the elegant Via Soncini with its historic buildings: Palazzo Podestarile and its 14th-century tower, Palazzo Comunale with its stunning brick façade and the 18th-century home of the Taja family, to name but a few. Interestingly, the road that cuts through the middle of the village is dedicated to a family made up of several heretics who contested ecclesiastical doctrine in the 16th century.


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