Cadimare, La Spezia (SP) Liguria

The maritime origins of this neighborhood of the city of La Spezia are encapsulated by its name. Cadimare stems from the original name of “Cà da mare”, a reference to the seaside houses which once constituted the entirety of the neighborhood. The place is famous for the freshwater pool of around six meters in diameter that used to sit in the bay, though this was later damaged. Today, Cadimare’s maritime spirit lives on in the tiny houses squeezed in next to each other, as per the traditional fishing village style. Every year, a unique festival is held to celebrate the importance of the sea. The “Landing of the Pirates” sees the alleyways and lanes decorated and the entire neighborhood transformed into pirates’ cove, until the buccaneers – armed with swords and pistols – attack come nightfall. It’s a unique celebration and lots of fun, sure to transport you into a world of pirate ships and buried treasure.


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