Cagli (PU) Marche

Located on a narrow plateau between two rivers, Cagli still bears the marks of its Medieval past, which made an impact on the surrounding area, the architecture and the town’s history right up to the present day. Absorbed by the Duchy of Urbino, it was fortified by Federico of Montefeltro: today just a few ruins are all that are left of the fortress, which was strategically built on Cappuccini Hill, but the ancient defensive tower still stands, and now houses the Centre of Contemporary Sculpture. The adaptations made to Palazzo Pubblico, which today houses the Town Hall and the Archaeological Museum, also date back to when the town was ruled by the Montefeltros. The architectural gems of the town don’t stop there though: there are a number of churches worth visiting, including the Church of Saint Francis and the Church of S. Domenico, which are both home to a rich assortment of canvases and frescoes, all from the Medieval Period.


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