Calimera (LE) Puglia

The village of Calimera is located in the Grecìa Salentina, the hellenophone enclave at the heart of the Salento region, where people speak griko, a neo-Greek dialect. The very name of the village is a heritage of its linguistic roots: In Greek Calimera means “good morning”. The Hellenic roots of the village are also to be seen in other elements, such as the funerary stele that welcomes visitors from the public gardens of the village, or the Greek church dedicated to the patron Saint Brizio, and above all the Museum of the Grika Rural Culture, in a characteristic house with a courtyard, where domestic tools are collected that show the ancient gestures of local artisans, the traditions, the rituals. The Museum also hosts a big library with over 3000 publications on the anthropological, linguistic and cultural roots of the territory.


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